About Mikkomi

Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.Walt Disney
Learn more about Mikkomi and what makes us tick. You can see our story from inception in 2007, learn about our values, or read about our why. Also, you can learn why we are called Mikkomi and the inspiration behind the logo. Most importantly, easily view reviews from past and present clients.

Strengthen your digital presence early with good reviews and more.

Ready to learn more? See Getting More Reviews or Our Plans.

Mikkomi’s digital presence engagement services include all of the tools and activities that you will need in order to grow your presence online. Marketing has so many channels now that it can be difficult and time consuming to keep up; by delegating managing your digital presence to Mikkomi we can work together to help you increase your customer base and potential customer base.

There are so many different channels to keep track of and to post your content to that it can be scary for many people. Work with Mikkomi to get this done instead of waiting on it until it is too late. Still not sure what it is? See What Is Digital Presence Expansion?). The more we work together to implement all aspects of your online reputation the better of you will be in the long term.

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