About the Logo

What does your logo mean? What meanings are you trying to portray? Why did you choose that shape and those colors? Who designed the logo?

Sketching the Mikkomi Logo (composite)

Logo Shape for Mikkomi

There are a number of meanings the logo is meant to convey, each of which are tied directly into the shape of the logo icon.

Mikkomi LogoIf you look at the logo shape, it is a series of concentric circles seen from the side. This helps portray a number of ideas and concepts that are important to Mikkomi and what we do:

  • The Ripple Effect – Digital presence is all about creating ongoing ripples in the digital ocean. These concentric rings connote this ripple effect that Mikkomi is creating for you with each passing month.
  • Building a Tower – The shapes also create a tower shape building up, which is also indicative of what Mikkomi is doing for you. We build a big base, often with little immediate impact, but then we continue building upon that base and adding more layers onto your digital presence.
  • Target Shape – If the 3-dimensional shape of the logo were viewed from above, it would show the shape of a target. Mikkomi works with you to help direct marketing efforts toward your target audience.
  • Steadily Bigger – The circle shapes start small and grow bigger with each new shape. This helps illustrate what digital presence is like – we start with activities that may not seem like there is a huge impact, but as we grow your presence, the impact grows larger and larger over time.

Colors for Mikkomi

When initiating a logo or branding project, the core color or colors is always going to be at the forefront of the design process. Do you want the cool corporate look of blue, the natural, growth look of green, the calm, organic look of brown, or the energy of red?

Mikkomi Color SwatchFor Mikkomi, we chose a color swatch that starts with red. Red implies strength and energy, both qualities we bring to your digital presence. We work each day to strengthen and energize the digital presence of each of our clients.

Logo Designer for Mikkomi

Ari GunzburgAri Gunzburg designed the Mikkomi logo, using design experience that dates back to 1999. Starting with a blank sketchbook, Ari doodled and sketched many shapes and ideas, looking for the perfect idea that would properly convey what Mikkomi is all about. The better ideas were then transferred to the computer, creating the vector lines that make up a final logo. As each logo concept was finalized, it was clear to see which logo was the best and most relevant to Mikkomi.

How to illustrate an abstract concept? This question, applied to Mikkomi, made this logo project both interesting and difficult. As the idea behind Mikkomi began forming into the shape you see today, the joy of creation became the confidence of completion.Ari Gunzburg

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