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Mikkomi now specializes in digital presence engagement, helping companies expand their digital reach and engage more with customers and prospects. How did Mikkomi get to this point? What has been happening since Ari Gunzburg put out his shingle in 2007?

How it All Started: Quiphics

Quiphics old HomepageIn 2007, Ari Gunzburg worked with some investors (who also happened to be his parents) and a mentor of his to put together everything necessary to start off on his own as a graphic designer. Ari had just received his business degree, and had numerous skills at producing quality designs from different experiences dating back as early as 1999, which included schooling at a joint program from IDT and Touro College.

This was when Ari chose to begin a career in design, to help people use better design to create a better business and stoke business growth. When Ari needed to develop a name, he spent many, many hours looking for a good name to use for his business, and finally settled on Quiphics – a portmanteau of the words Quick and Graphics. This was registered as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Learning it ALL: Graphics, Websites, and More

At first it was a little slow going. Ari had to learn a tremendous amount of information in order to be able to offer the types of services people wanted – web site design and coding, graphic design for small print, for online consumption, for folding brochures, for booklets, for trade show booths and more. Many graphic designers specialize in only one area – Ari learned it all.

Samples of Design by Ari Gunzburg in Different Media

This created a little bit of a slow start to the business. And at the same time, Ari was also constantly learning more about small businesses and what makes them tick, what helps a small business to grow into a successful enterprise, and what it is smaller businesses want from their vendors.

Moving On (The Name’s a Bust)

Over the years of using the name Quiphics, Ari began to see that the name was not the terrific name he had originally thought it was. Trying to spell out the name to others on the phone, and getting confused for QuickFix, and other issues led Ari to the difficult decision to retire the name Quiphics for good while moving the base of operations from Maryland to Ohio.

Expanding Services

Awesome Creative Agency Logo Burst Instead of operating as Quiphics, with a focus on just graphics, Ari chose instead to operate as a creative agency, naming the new brand Awesome Creative Agency – a name that instantly resonated with existing clients and new prospects. The new name was a hit, and Ari was off to a running start with a new all-encompassing creative agency – offering every creative service possible, from film to websites to trade show materials and more.

Too Many Choices on the Dinner Menu

A new name certainly helped change things around, but it wasn’t enough. Ari Gunzburg was seeing that despite trying to help clients with all aspects of marketing and creative services, something still wasn’t quite right. Too many clients became overwhelmed with the limitless options of marketing materials and activities…

While Ari and his team turned out terrific projects, and clients were thrilled with both projects and results, Ari still felt that even more value could be created for clients. That something more could help clients grow bigger, faster.

Amazing Websites and a Focus on Websites

At around the same time that Ari Gunzburg switched to Awesome Creative Agency, Ari also overstretched and opened a brand called Amazing Websites (serial entrepreneurs are notorious for overstretching ). The focus was on offering clients quick and easy websites that were professional and engaging. Every client that came on board with this brand was ecstatic with the result, yet there was still something missing.

Amazing Websites Logo

The Solution

(and also nearing the end of our story)

What Businesses Really Need

Ari started noticing that many small business owners are struggling to keep up with the sheer volume of tasks that are presented to them, so much so that many items that they need to accomplish (such as marketing and budgeting) don’t necessarily get done. Take social media for example; many small businesses hear that they need to use social media, so they open a Facebook page – only to never log in because they have so much more to do.

At the same time, more and more business and research is being conducted online. Every week, every month, every year that goes by – if a business doesn’t maintain a presence online, and constantly push out updates, and constantly gather more reviews, that business won’t be around eventually, or will be losing tremendous ground to the competition.

The New World of Business

The business world, the consumer world, all of it – everyone is shifting fast to a digital only world. Do we still use paper? Of course. Will we stop? Unlikely. But more and more people are making more and more decisions via their smartphone, via an app, via their preferred network.

It is no longer enough to spend money on Google AdWords and consider your job done. You need a presence on Facebook, on Yelp, on Google My Business, on Foursquare, on Yahoo, and more. You need to show that you care by posting new content to your blog (which will also help your website’s rankings). You need to gather reviews from your satisfied clients, and help appease your unsatisfied clients so that they feel listened to and supported.

For many small and medium businesses, this is simply too much. Many business owners simply don’t have the capability to compete with multi-million dollar companies, or multi-billion dollar conglomerates who can afford entire departments dedicated to their digital presence and social media.

Enter Mikkomi: Digital Presence Enhancement

Curious about the name Mikkomi? Read more about the name here.
This is the need that Ari Gunzburg has found wanting, the hole in otherwise solid business plans that he and his team are in a unique position to fix.

“We have the knowledge. We have the systems. We have developed a great mix of software and talent to create a kind of Software + Humans As A Service (SHAAS) to help meet the needs of our clients.”
-Ari Gunzburg

Ari Gunzburg

Established 2007: The Journey to Mikkomi

From Quiphics, to Awesome Creative Agency and Amazing Websites, straight through to today and Mikkomi. The goal over the past decade has always been to provide excellence for our clients, and that has never changed. What has changed is the ability to help a business succeed where many face great difficulty.

Mikkomi’s service is a long term play for every client. Over the initial 6-12 months that these people come on board, as their online peer-reviews increase, and their digital traffic increases in each venue, and prospective clients see their information in more and more places, these clients will see the early efforts at digital presence engagement begin to snowball into a constant blossoming of more business, more contacts, more referrals and more revenues.

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