Our Values

Our values all build from our main focus, People.

What Does That Mean, People?

People are the most important.

Not phones, not apps, not social media, not the internet, not blogging – people. “People” includes our valuable clients (we love you!), their customers, our employees, friends, and more.

Family comes first.

We love our customers and our employees. But let’s face it, family comes first. Mikkomi is building an organization from the ground up that is designed to easily continue to operate despite someone’s absence, even a crucial member of the team, allowing every one of our team members to prioritize their family over work, the way it should be.

Through health comes creativity and productivity.

Take care of your body in order to take care of your mind. It is important to us that our team members get regular exercise and eat healthy foods, which helps our brains work better, faster and more efficiently, which results in a better work product for our clients. It also makes us all feel better.

Nurture the human connection.

Mobile phones at work? No thanks. Let’s talk, email, or at least chat to discuss support or requests, instead of being half-distracted all the time. The more disconnected to all of the constant noise from our phone (by putting it down) the more we are opening ourselves up to deep meaningful relationships AND enabling true concentration on client accounts.

Effective communication makes the world go round.

Okay, it doesn’t actually spin the Earth. But saying what you truly mean helps all parties to the conversation move forward more effectively. We work hard to be excellent communicators both on and off the page. This helps us understand our clients needs more effectively.

Deliver excellence every step of the way.

David Ogilvy is often quoted as saying, ‘Pay peanuts, get monkeys.’ Mikkomi remains committed to delivering excellence, working with clients to whom this is also important. In order to achieve this goal, Mikkomi works to pay each team member well, based on their locality, hours and duties.

Your personal life is important; let’s keep it personal.

The disappearing line between home and work life is creating friction within people all over the world. We discourage team members from bringing work home or having it installed on a mobile phone; one of our other skilled team members will address any client needs quickly and accurately.

Always be improving while recognizing your current success.

There is always room for improvement. But if you never take the time to appreciate what you have achieved, what’s the point? We are built on a desire to be better tomorrow than we are today; but we require honest recognition of what we have already accomplished for the joy of achievement.

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