Our Why

We believe every business should have the same digital opportunities to gain customers.

What Does This Mean?

Smaller businesses are finding themselves at a disadvantage, as they are missing the necessary budget to hire, staff and manage an entire digital marketing team. Smaller businesses simply don’t have the same level of scale as the larger businesses.

In a corporation with hundreds or thousands of employees, having positions or even whole teams dedicated to digital presence, digital marketing, social media and more is normal and expected.

Yet in smaller businesses, many of the employees or managers already have a lot of responsibilities. Adding more responsibilities will result in reduced output of normal responsibilities, or the new tasks simply not getting done.

Employees, owners and managers who are already wearing all of these hats can get completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks necessary to build a strong digital presence (see what is digital presence).

Partner for Digital Success

Many would call it outsourcing; we prefer to think of it as a partnership. At Mikkomi, we work with you hand-in-hand (or independently, depending on your preference) to build up and maintain your digital presence.

We help you with your presence for as long as you want, dependent on our agreement; when you are ready to handle your own digital presence in-house, or you determine it is no longer necessary, we work with you to make the transition as seamless as possible. We are here to DO for you, and will continue as long as you let us, so we hope you remain happy and let us keep building your digital presence.

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