What the Name?

What is with the name Mikkomi? Where did it come from? What does it mean? Why do you use it? How do I pronounce it? Why do I just like the way it sounds so much?

It isn’t clear why the name rings so well on the tongue. It could be the framing of one long vowel within two shorter vowels, or it could be the double use of M’s. For more entertaining reading on words, see additional resources.

Mikkomi the Name

In the end, Mikkomi became the name for this brand because Ari Gunzburg liked the way it sounded and what it meant. Choosing a business name that helps convey what Mikkomi stands for was important.

Mikkomi Pronunciation

Mikkomi PhoneticsHow do you pronounce Mikkomi? Good question! For english speakers who are unsure of phonetical annotation, the easiest way to imagine pronouncing Mikkomi is like this:

mik • KOH • me
The KOH has a vowel just like OH, and the accent is really on the K.

Etymology of Mikkomi

What does Mikkomi mean?

Mikkomi in Japanese means Prospects or Expectance. Mikkomi in Hebrew means Local. The combination of all of these meanings helps create the image of everything Mikkomi is about. We want to help you find prospects locally and further away, and make you a website that will represent you so well that you can preferrably start to expect more.

In Japanese


In Hebrew


Additional Resources

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