Digital Presence Management

involves these components:



Social Media


Lead Capture

Email Marketing


Digital Presence Management

Creating a strong digital presence is all about creating many concentric ripples – and then creating those same ripples over and over again.Ari Gunzburg
Think of your strategies for creating a good, strong digital presence like pouring water slowly into a pond or lake. The slow pour falls into the water, starting some very slow ripples, but as more and more water gets poured in, the ripples continue to expand further and further out, deepening the initial impact. This is the best way to imagine digital presence management.

It is all about expanding your online reach and enhancing your presence on the internet. Starting off slowly, you build more and more of a digital presence, to get ahead of your competition and remain ahead of your competition, and to stay ahead of potential trolls or bad feedback. Mikkomi is here to help you get started smoothly.

Remember, your competition may have already started.

Want to know more? See What Is Digital Presence Management? or Our Plans.

Our digital presence management services include varying levels of all of the services shown on this page. We offer a number of different services that are all grouped together into different plans. Each plan is designed to help you expand your digital reach based on your marketing budget.

There are a lot of aspects that all integrate together to create a strong digital presence for your brand (see What Is Digital Presence Management?). It is important to recognize that getting everything working together will have the strongest and most long term impact possible.

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