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Email marketing is an absolutely crucial part of any online marketing strategy. Just publishing a website and hoping that someone will purchase on their first engagement is simply not enough. Often when someone comes to the website they are just getting the initial information, and perhaps would purchase in the future – if they could remember the website they were on previously. This is where email marketing comes in.

Building an Email Marketing List

Building a good email marketing list takes time and investment. A great first step is including email addresses and names from all of your existing customers (preferably only customers active in the last 12-18 months). You can also execute a good lead capture strategy.

Lead Capture Strategy

In order to execute a good lead capture strategy with opt-in marketing that people want to see, you must build out both the information to give away and the landing page, and then drive continuous traffic to your page and website. This is an integral part of all of our digital presence plans.

Reach your customers with email marketing.

Email Marketing by Mikkomi

Huge 3800% ROI

The DMA in the UK has reported that email has a huge ROI (Return On Investment) of 3800%, meaning that for every $1 spent on email marketing, $38 are earned.1

Email Marketing Statistics

Consumers who Unsubscribed because of too many emails.2
78% unsubscribed because of email overload
Technology for email marketing is used by most companies.3
82% of companies use email marketing
Large majority of Americans prefer to receive marketing.4
92% of Americans prefer to get marketing
SEO is Search Engine Optimization

Keep On Talking

Most website visitors pop in, look around, and then leave. People research what to buy sometimes months or years before they actually purchase. But with a good combination of lead capture and email marketing, you can continue to engage your potential customer long after they have left your website.

More About Email Marketing

Email marketing is extremely powerful, once you have built up a list. Lead capture strategies are used to build up the email list over time, using opt-in forms on your website. This way you are sending your emails to potential customers who want to hear from you.

The basic system is as follows: build a list, write campaigns, and send them out. It helps to have a stated goal for a campaign; in other words, if your company is an ecommerce store, your goal may be for people to purchase a specific product. If you are running a retail store on the other hand, your goal may be to get people to come into the store. These two goals would require very different writing strategies.

Send Periodically

Be careful about how often you send emails out to your list. Over three quarters of consumers have unsubscribed from email lists because the company was sending out too many emails.2

Personalize It

The more you are able to personalize your email marketing, the better it will be for you. Personalized emails are up to 26% more likely to be opened and can deliver 6x higher transaction rates.3

Keep The Conversation Going

Email marketing reaches potential customers you would normally lose.

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