Lead Capture

Every time a new visitor makes it to your website, the best thing to do is to get them to enter in their email address and information so that you can continue to market to them.

Landing Pages

Using a customized, specialized landing page can help direct website visitors and people coming in off the search engines so they find exactly what they need. Landing pages also help ask someone for their information in exchange for whatever you are offering. A good landing page gets rid of all the extra page elements and directs the attention to the value proposition and the input form.
Landing page set up is included with all of our major plans.

Email Marketing and Sales Leads

Mikkomi helps you implement features to gain more email marketing subscribers and more potential sales leads. Some of your leads coming in from your website will be closer to purchasing than others – we can often help determine how warm or cold a potential lead is in the lead generation form(s).

More leads means more business.

Better Search Results with SEO

Sample Landing Page

Better Lead Capture Tools

We’ll help pinpoint opportunities to use your website to create new leads, as well as work with you to create attention-grabbing content so you can start building a better list of leads.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization

Unacceptable Lead Capture

This will be obvious to most, but deceiving someone to get their information is one of the big no-nos in digital marketing. Likewise, using scripts to attempt to get personally identifiable information is also unacceptable. This is not something we would implement, and we won’t work with companies who use data scraping tech like this.

More About Getting More Leads

Everyone wants more leads that are better qualified, as better leads translates into more sales with less effort. We help you set up a great lead capture system that integrates with your digital presence so you can begin building a list of email subscribers and also get qualified leads from your website to put into your sales pipeline.

Ever wonder what type of lead capture is okay (and what we do – see below) and what type of lead capture is not okay (see box)?

Acceptable Lead Capture

Requesting user information to give the user something in return is the best type of lead capture, and often called ‘opt-in’, especially when applicable to email marketing. For instance, perhaps you offer a free estimate, a free quote, a fast call back, or a free report or free email course. This would be in exchange for an email address, name, and perhaps additional information.

Reviewing your website for the lead process and setting up landing pages to get more leads comes with all 3 of our main digital presence plans, at different levels. See the detailed features list.

Steadily Build Lists

Invest in your business, help it expand.

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