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Reviews are all-important. More than ever, search results are showing real feedback from multiple sites, sometimes averaging the total across the board. Consumers are more likely than ever to change their mind based on bad reviews (in fact 4 of 5 consumers will reverse a purchasing decision).1

Review Monitoring

We monitor the internet for you, looking for new feedback about your brand. New reviews can be added to your website easily using our embed tool, and can also be shared directly on social media channels.

This is a customer first world, and monitoring reviews helps you respond to any feedback, both good and bad. This helps you show the online community that you are active and on top of the overall customer experience.

Review Acquisition

Our specialized review flow helps take away many of the roadblocks that usually prevent your happy customers from leaving an online testimonial. And this also gets negative feedback from people so you can address the complaint, usually before it gets posted on other websites.

More, and better, customer reviews.

Real Reviews Matter

Real Reviews Matter

Real reviews are wildly influential and make a huge difference in getting and keeping customers. 88% of consumer trusts reviews online to the same degree that they trust personal recommendations.2

Interesting Statistics on Reviews

Most people will publish an online review if asked.3
70% will leave a review
Impressive 90% stated that reading positive online reviews affected buying decision.4
90% are influenced by positive reviews
Big majority of consumers think reviews older than 3 months are irrelevant.3
73% think old reviews are irrelevant
Get More Positive Reviews

Reviews Get Better Visibility

The search engines want to see that your business exists in the digital world. As local SEO consultant Phil Rozek says, “Google wants to see signs of life.”5 One therapist in the northeast wrote in after getting his first review:

That SINGLE Google review finally put me on the map!

Real ratings and customer stories on 3rd-party websites are a powerful marker to add to your overall digital presence. And we can help you put it all together.

More About Reviews

Creating a system that will start getting and continue to get customer feedback online on multiple 3rd-party review websites (like Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, BBB, and more) will help build up your business and generate more revenue. Many businesses are already affected by online reviews because the trend is shifting to trust online recommendations or criticism, especially ones left on 3rd party websites that show up as vetted. Be proactive in maintaining a strong, positive reputation.

Highlights of Our Software

We use our streamlined review flow to create a system that puts in the work for you. You simply keep feeding customer data, or handing out cards, and the flow will keep on working for you.

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    Getting Customers Into the Flow

    The first step of the process is to get your customers into the flow. We make it easy with automated emails and available SMS messages and printed cards.

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    Guide Through Review Process

    The process of leaving a review for a business is not always easy. Our software walks the customer through the process and makes it as easy as possible.

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    Monitor and Respond to Reviews

    Our review monitoring notifies us when someone has left any review. We can recommend a response to you (if warranted), and post the reviews to social media and your website.

Industry Specific Review Sites

An amazing feature we are happy to offer is industry specific review websites. Are you a Realtor®? We can have your ratings and feedback go right into Zillow, Trulia, and more. Are you in the travel industry? Hook right into TripAdvisor and more. In healthcare? Hook right into HealthGradesWebMD, Zocdoc and more.

Build Your Online Reputation

Invest in your online rep now for many long term benefits.

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