SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has long been the main focal point for any company wishing to gain more traffic from the search engines. Now, in 2017 and beyond, SEO is only one part of an approach that must incorporate many strategies to gain free website traffic online by having a strong digital presence (see our detailed plan features).

Adding SEO to Marketing

By incorporating SEO into your larger digital marketing plan, you can gain traffic from the search engines while also remaining relevant in the many apps and directories available on the internet. Our digital presence plans help you with both on-site and off-site SEO.

SEO Goals

Our goal is to help your business show up higher in the search engines for more terms. The combination of our digital presence services, including done-for-you blogging, social media postings, local listings, improved reviews, SEO strategies and preliminary SEO work all combine to give your business the tools it needs to start ranking higher.

Invest in your business for the long term. Many companies we have worked with in the past to develop larger, search engine optimized websites saw better organic results that continued generating leads over the long term, resulting in higher sales and better revenues.

Grow your business organically with SEO.

Better Search Results with SEO

Organic vs Paid Search

Organic search results have a much higher rate of interaction when compared to paid search results such as AdWords1. Successful CPC (cost-per-click) campaigns often need to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per month to be successful, and that success is short-term, lasting only as long as the high-volume spend continues.

Interesting SEO Statistics

The vast majority of online experiences start on a search engine.1
93% begin on a search engine
Most mobile local searches result in purchases offline.2
78% result in offline purchases
Organic search results are clicked on at a much higher rate.3
94% click on organic results vs paid results
SEO is Search Engine Optimization

SEO Results: No Guarantees

There is no way to guarantee SEO results reliably due to constantly changing algorithms and many uncontrollable factors. Any company guaranteeing results is likely referring to paid search results, where guaranteed placement is possible.

More About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization, or SEO, involves a lot of activities that are all designed to help your website get indexed better and ultimately show up higher in the search engines. At its most basic, SEO involves producing quality content that people will want to read. Giving users the best and most relevant content has been a stated goal of Google’s for years (see their quality guidelines).

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    On Site SEO

    On site SEO is working on your website, optimizing pages for a keyword or a keyphrase, which should not exceed 2-3% of that page’s content. On site SEO also involves a good internal linking strategy and optimizing the meta title and description.

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    Off Site SEO

    Off site SEO involves strategies that are NOT done on your own website. This includes directory listings, guest blog posts, backlinks, press releases, local listings and more.

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    SEO Blogging

    Blogging creates more indexable content on your website. More content on your website is a good thing and ultimately helps your website rank better on the search engines.

Grow, Grow, Grow

Nurture your business with what it needs to grow.

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