Social Media Management

Social media is practically a requirement of the new internet. In 2017 and beyond, the sheer volume of people on social media means that in order to stay competitive you must keep at least one or two social media profiles open (and active) for your business. As of June of 2016, 97% of adults using the internet between the ages of 16 to 64 have logged on to social media in the last month.1

Keep It Updated

Far better to have no social media than to have social media that isn’t updated.Ari Gunzburg, Mikkomi founder
No matter what else you do online, make sure that your existing social media profiles are steadily updated. Even if it is only once each month, you must keep your social media profiles active, or you risk looking like your business shut down. When a consumer sees a Facebook or Twitter page that hasn’t been touched since 2014, he or she will wonder if the business still exists.

Social Media Presence

The first step to any social media presence is creating the page for your business, including some personalizations that maintain brand continuity with other materials you use for marketing purposes.

Once you have a brand page up and running, you simply need to keep it updated. That sounds simple at first, but constantly logging in and checking for updates, responding to fans, and finding content to post can begin to take whoever is responsible away from their other job requirements – unless he or she is ONLY responsible for social media and digital presence. That is where Mikkomi comes in.

Our entire focus, every day, is digital presence on your behalf. And that includes your social media profiles.

Engage your customers with social media.

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Which Social Networks?

While you can go out and create a brand presence on every social media network, this is too costly for most companies. Choose the biggest and most popular social networks to get started. We manage your social media presence on these networks: *

  • Facebook®
  • Twitter®
  • LinkedIn®
  • Instagram®
  • YouTube®

* Not all networks are included with all plans, and may need an add-on.

Interesting Social Media Statistics

Almost all major retail brands use at least 2 channels for social media.2
91% of retail brands use 2+ channels
Most internet users use Facebook.3
79% use Facebook
Almost half of all Americans have used social media to interact with a company or an organization.4
48% have used social media to interact with a brand

And that will keep getting bigger – more and more people will want to use social media to interact, resolve complaints and more.

Social Media Done For You

Delegate for Peace of Mind

You and your team have sales to worry about. Finance. Customer retention. Payroll. HR. The list goes on and on. You can easily delegate your social media and your digital presence and free up your team and your time to do what you do best – focus on growing your business.

More About Social Media Management

Be careful about thinking that all you need to do is start being active in social media and everything will simply fall into place. There are so many intricate details that are involved in getting your business to have and maintain a good, strong digital presence, and social media is only one small part of it.

Most small to medium sized businesses and their teams have so many existing responsibilities and aspects to their business that it is hard to also handle the management of social media.

Yet Another Responsibility

Among many companies, someone who already has too much to do is told to “go do social media.” This often results in the responsible party either spending most or all of their time on social media (not doing his or her regular job) or in the social media simply not getting done.

Are You Big Enough?

When your company is able to maintain a dedicated department to handle social media, great. This is good for you and your company as it should mean that you are growing. Until then, as a part of our existing digital presence plans, we offer social media management.

Leverage our digital presence expertise.

Reach Your Customers

A bigger social media presence will help with a bigger offline presence.

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