What Is Digital Presence Management?

Digital Presence

Let’s start by defining digital presence. Or skip this. This is the virtual existence of whatever; for instance, it is the virtual existence of your business.

Let’s put it another way. Your business exists in real life. If someone is walking down the street your business is on, he or she should see your signage (if you have any). He or she should be able to see your phone number, address, logo, business name, and some information about what you do. If you are a barbershop and decorate it like a barbershop, even if it just called Joe’s Place, I’ll see instantly that it is a barbershop.

The Digital World

But in the digital world, it isn’t so simple. There is conflicting information coming in from all different places (websites, government filings, data aggregators, user-input, and more), and sometimes there is information missing. When big reputable sites see conflicting information in different places, it hurts that business’s digital presence.

Checking All Over the Place

Each person checks a different app or a different website looking for whatever they want or need. By neglecting to keep a profile on all of these websites, and not keeping information up to date, a business stands to lose a lot of customers.

Online Only

To make matters even worse, higher and higher percentages of everyone are checking their mobile phones, apps, and computers for information on who to call or where to go. Have you noticed the yellow pages is getting thinner and thinner? It isn’t working anymore. It used to be a yellow pages ad was required to get started and keep business rolling in. Now, a strong digital presence is required to be able to keep business rolling in.

How Can You Improve This?

Digital Presence Management

Digital presence management is the act of engaging all or most of the channels necessary to create a broad and effective presence digitally. This makes it so that when someone is virtually walking by your store, by searching for your product or service while in the vicinity, you are more likely to show up.

Throwing Rocks Into Water

One of the best ways to describe digital presence management is to imagine you were standing by a pond and throwing rocks into the water. When you throw a pebble in, it makes small ripples, but when you throw a small stone in, it makes bigger ripples. If you throw an even bigger rock in, it will go kersplunk, make a splash, and then make even bigger ripples that will have an even bigger effect on the stillness of the water.

If you continue to throw rocks in, over and over, the water will never be able to get to the zen of stillness while you are throwing in rocks; it will continue to ripple outward and outward, effecting everything in its path. Each rock you throw in will have a new effect and add on to the strength of the volatility of the water surface.

Like Digital Presence

This is what our goal is with your digital presence. We are working, over the long run, to continuously make digital splashes, which in turn will create digital ripples, pushing your data out all over the virtual world. Each activity we do on your behalf helps in many ways; it may make your Google listing more findable, it may help your search ranking in Google, it may get you better activity coming in off Facebook, or it may help you garner a great Yelp following.

Getting a Strong Digital Presence

There are many varying aspects to a strong digital presence. And while you may not have to do ALL of them, you have to do a good percentage of them to build up your digital presence for the long run. These include local listings, getting more reviews and better reviews, responding to bad reviews, blogging, social media, lead capture, email marketing and SEO (search engine optimization).

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