Yext (Local Listings)

Yext is a local listings platform (see video below) that allows businesses to put a lock on their location data on 65+ global publishers, including Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, Waze, Google+ and more. Mikkomi is a Yext Certified Partner.

In addition to using the API to lock your main data, we also push out special offers, correct holiday hours, photos, menus, staff bios, events and more (distribution depends on publisher). This increases user engagement, as listings complete with hours photos and more make a consumer 197% more likely to view the business as dependable1.

Why is Location Data So Important?

Location data is important now more than ever because more and more people are searching their favorite smart phone apps or search engines for a place to go. Not in Waze? You lose all the people searching within Waze. Not on Yahoo!? Despite their troubles, Yahoo! still has millions of active users. Learn more in this short video above.

Yext Certified Partner

Yext Certified Partner

Mikkomi is a Certified Partner with Yext and includes a full service Powerlistings subscription with every plan ($999 value).

Enhance your local presence with Yext Powerlistings®.

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Is Your Store Closed? Are You Sure?

When a user finds inaccurate location data, they may mark the business as closed, or as no longer in business. We have had this happen to clients. Now not only do you have incorrect data, but some of your listings are showing online users that you aren’t in business anymore.

Are Your Business Listings Accurate?

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Important Local Listing Statistics

Over 70% of consumers lose trust in a business from errors in local listings.2
73% lose trust from errors
4 out of 5 consumers look online for local businesses.3
80% search for local businesses online

Small business lose potential customers at a cost of
$10 billion per year
from incomplete or incorrect online business data.4

Local Listings on Multiple Devices

Isn’t There a Permanent Record?

Maybe there should be, but think about it. Even your business filings may be a little bit out of date. Where would a permanent record of all of your location data go and who would manage it?

Using Yext Powerlistings (see the network) creates an ongoing lock on your location data, as well as pushes out rich data like menus, lists, staff bios, photos, videos and more. This helps enhance your online local listings presence, which in turn should bring in more customers.

Sources: 1 Google/Ipsos Media, 2014, 2 73% Lose Trust, 3 Yext Data,
4 Screenwerk Study Commissioned by Yext, 2013

More About Yext (Powerlistings)

Powerlistings are the Yext product that push out your business location data to 65+ global partner websites. Pushing out this data helps with citations for search engine optimization as well as helps people find your business online. Having synced data across all of the major local listing websites is important for creating consumer trust.

Can’t I Just Let it Happen Naturally?

You can, although it will take a long time and a lot of the data will ultimately be incorrect. Here is a quick summary of the way that listings online gather and display your NAP data:

  1. Data Collection – Data aggregators crawl the internet, finding data from every place they can – other local listings websites, user submissions, public records, business filings, web posts, and more – and put it all together. To them, a listing that is off by only a few letters may be a different location (think Ave instead of Avenue).
  2. Data Purchases – Websites whose business it is to show listings for businesses purchase huge lists from the data aggregators and then push it out onto their websites. Some of these websites may have algorithms to catch wrong information, but many don’t. And if one listing is under your name and the other is under your business name, then both will make it online.
  3. Duplicate User Submissions – When an internet user wants to leave a review, or post a photo, to your business listing, he or she will look for you on the app they use. If they don’t find you (for instance, a typo, or a misconception about your name, or a wrong city name), they can add a listing for you – giving you yet another listing.

Listing Submissions or Yext?

Some companies sell a listing submission service instead of the direct integration that Yext offers. This is only as good as the submission, and still does not get rid of duplicate entries, and does not necessarily fix old or outdated local listing entries.

Huge Databases

All of these websites and more (see the Powerlistings network) have huge databases, and rely on data aggregators and users to compile information. Unless you have a direct hook into the system to state that it is your business and this is the correct data for it. This is where Yext comes in – with special agreements with local listings websites, our location data is pushed out and validated as being the main, true record.

Is Your Location Data Accurate?

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Yext Powerlistings Network

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Better Local Listings

Synced content usually results in better visibility.

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