Options to Submit Content

Please use the options on this page to send us content quickly and easily. Please remember we aren’t mind readers, so we MUST know where you want us to post the content and if you have a meme you want designed onto any photo you send in. Further instructions are available below.

Current options include SMS Text, WhatsApp®, WeTransfer (online transfer up to 20gb) or Email. If you prefer a new channel, please contact us with your preferences.

Huge Files? Experiencing Send Limits? Use our WeTransfer to send up to 20GB.

Sending via WeTransfer

For the quickest and easiest way to post from most devices, just go to our WeTransfer page and send up to 20gb. The URL is mikkomi.wetransfer.com for easy memory, or you can type in mikkomi.com/transfer and it will take you there.

Make sure to include relevant information in the text box.

This method may not be the best for your cell phone. If so, WhatsApp® is likely your best method for sending in content.

Sending via WhatsApp®

  1. Open up your WhatsApp® app and send a message to this number: 216-501-8597
  2. Save that number (and subsequent Mikkomi Send numbers) under a Mikkomi Send contact so you can recall who it is.
  3. Make sure you send the message from a verified phone number or to include your account passphrase.
  4. Send a 2nd message with all verified numbers of people you want to be able to send in photos, memes, ideas or more.
  5. We will create a WhatsApp® group with all of your people and one or more Mikkomi numbers.
  6. Send any photos, videos, memes, ideas, text, etc to this WhatsApp® group, along with instructions of where, when and how to post it (when is always approximate).

Using WhatsApp® is likely very easy, especially if you already use the app. We do our best to have a few supervisors monitoring each group chat to make sure that your posts get added to the calendar as soon as possible.

Sending via Email

Just upload any photos or files or anything else, include instructions, and send in an email. The email goes to our regular help email address, which is help@mikkomi.com.

Sending via SMS Text

  1. Pull out your mobile phone and save this number as Mikkomi Send: 216-501-8597
  2. Make sure that the cell numbers you will be sending from are registered on our end for verification purposes.
  3. Anytime you have anything shorter to send in, just text it to this number from any verified phone, or with the account passphrase.
  4. Announcements, photos, sales, specials, etc. We can quickly post it to any of your profiles.

This method is easy, as you can snap a photo on your phone and just send it in, but may at times be a little delayed because there are limited people checking for new SMS messages.


Our goal is for it to be as easy as possible for you to send content in to us. Take photos with your phone and send it in a text, or WhatsApp® it, email it, or send it via WeTransfer. If you have a different channel on which you would like us to accept content, please contact us and we’ll determine if it is a viable channel.

Please Send Often

The most important point is that you send OFTEN! We want to keep your accounts updated and original content from you is always the best.

Always Required Information

Please make sure that every time you send in content you are as clear as possible what you would like done with it. Do you want it just posted to social media? To the blog? Was there text you meant to include with it? We can’t read your mind, so tell us everything you can. Most importantly, please make sure you include the following information:

  • Title – what should this post be called or titled?
  • Primary place to post – is this meant mostly for social media or the blog?
  • Meme or catchphrase? – (Photos only) Did you mean to include a meme (catchy phrase or saying to design onto the photo)?
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