Content Management System (CMS)

Our go-to content management system is WordPress, because this is fast becoming the most widely used software in the world. Over 74 million websites use WordPress (see this Entrepreneur article), and a whopping 25% of all websites worldwide have WordPress as the underlying system, including 26% of the world’s top 10,000 websites (see this article).

Safety in Numbers

There is real truth in the old adage, “There is safety in numbers.”

Better Security because of Numbers

First of all, due to the sheer volume of websites using this system, a security flaw or a software issue is found almost immediately and reported as well. This is harder to replicate in systems that have a smaller user base.

Better Transportability

Secondly, almost any web developer or coder has at some point in time worked within the WordPress ecosystem, which means that there is a huge base of tech people to draw from if anyone ever needs work done on their website.

This means that by using WordPress, no one is ever married to their developer, and a developer can bring on a new client with an existing website relatively easily (depending on the skill level of the original developer).

Differing Opinions

Be aware that many devs can have vastly different ways of doing things and vastly different opinions on what is best; which means when switching developers you may be told that things weren’t done well. Unfortunately, for a layperson there is no easy way to know if this is really true or if this may be simply a difference of opinion. Often simply by searching for the software in question you can start to get an idea if there are known issues with the software or if it is more of an opinion.

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