Enhanced Website Security

We integrate state-of-the-art security tools and practices into every website we build, to make it that much harder for hackers and malware distributors to get into your website and take it down. We also constantly monitor each website for security breaches, malware, coding flaws, and more (part of the software maintenance plan).

Security: When, Not If

Unfortunately, in this day and age, with the sophisticated bots that are constantly trolling around the internet, it is often a question of when a hack happens as opposed to if. The best plan of action is to be proactive – capture constant backups, monitor for security, and keep all software up to date. All of this comes with our software maintenance plan, which helps extend the initial security tools and settings for the long run.

How Hackers Try to Get In

Hackers have robots that pull up websites and try for certain vulnerabilities automatically. When the bot finds the flaw, it infiltrates the website, either by injecting code in the page or in the database. Sometimes the bots may drop some code at an obscure URL, only to revisit the website at a future date to activate the malicious code.

Good Security Practices

At Mikkomi, we work diligently to establish good security practices, and setting up each website to be as safe as possible from hacks while still being generally accessible to the greater online community.

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