Free Website Revisions

We include in the price of every website package up to 2 rounds of free website revisions. Simply send us a list of all changes you would like us to address for you, and our website team will work on implementing each change to your specifications.

If you prefer to accomplish revisions yourself, you can always log in and take care of it at absolutely no cost. In addition, we are always here to help you work on your website and expand the content; often ongoing monthly services (provided by our partner) will include work on your website.

It is a simple function of time equals money. More time invested means it costs more.

Unlimited Pages, Unlimited Revisions

If you or someone on your team is accomplishing the work, you can have unlimited pages on your website as well as unlimited revisions. There are absolutely no limitations on what you can make this website software do for you as long as you have the staff and the inclination to do so.

Free Website Revisions
Free Website Revisions

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