Website Case Studies

Check out some website case studies detailing website projects Mikkomi has completed for various clients.
These are detailed case studies. To see only screenshots and links, please view our portfolio.

Websites By Mikkomi

Every website by Mikkomi looks good, makes you look good, and is a pleasure to use. We also implement search engine optimization tools within each website, as well as security tools to help protect your website from hackers.

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Software Maintenance Plan for Websites

Websites need to be kept up to date after launching. We have a dedicated strategic partner who works diligently to keep each website up to date as a standard part of the software maintenance plan. Mikkomi staff works throughout the week on your website, applying software updates and security patches to help protect your website, as well as running anti-spam tools, constant security and malware scans, and multiple redundant backups so that your website is always safe.

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