ECS Business Model

Project Profile

The ECS Business Model is a business opportunity offered by ECS Business Services, a utility bill auditing company. This business opportunity teaches new licensees how to perform forensic audits on various monthly expenses.

In order to better promote the business opportunity, ECS needed a clear and concise website to help gain more leads to help increase sales. View Now »

I was looking for a web-site developer that would deliver a site that was clean, imaginative and professional looking. Mikkomi not only met my lofty expectations, but they far surpassed what I wanted in my site. Without a doubt I highly recommend Mikkomi for those businesses that are looking for quality in one of the most important marketing tools one requires for their venture. I certainly would not hesitate to call upon Mikkomi for all my marketing needs.Michael Lefkowitz, ECS Business Model

The Goal

Produce a website to promote and market the new business opportunity offered by ECS Business Services.

What We Did

Mikkomi built a website that promotes the utility bill auditing business opportunity presented by the ECS Business Model. This website continued to grow into 2016 with consistent blog posts, as well as additional pages to aid in better search engine optimization.

Traffic to the website is guided to a promotional page, where the user can enter in an email address to view an exclusive video demonstrating the Earning Potential of the ECS Business Model (video produced by Awesome Creative Agency).

As always, the website for ECS is completely mobile friendly, adapting to the screen size of the device, whether a phone, tablet or computer.
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