Siach Yitzchok

Project Profile

Siach Yitzchok is an orthodox Jewish elementary school for boys in New York. The entire focus of the website is to be a useful tool to enable more efficient fund raising.

Since launching the website for their building fund in 2014, we have added numerous other features for individual fundraising campaigns. At different parts of the year, we can easily turn on or off features that allow for dinner reservations, gift basket purchases, raffle ticket purchases, and more. These initiatives have helped this website become a great fundraising tool for Siach Yitzchok. View Now »

They are truly AWESOME like their name. I’ve seen lots of websites but the one they made for us is really beautiful. The layout is very intuitive and the functionality is great. They are very responsive to any changes or tweaks I need done, sometimes even fixing things within minutes of my request.
I highly recommend them.Rabbi Moshe Goodman, Siach Yitzchok

The Goal

Create a website as an additional tool for collecting pledges for the Building Fund, and later, for other year-round fundraising initiatives.

What We Did

Mikkomi produced a website for Siach Yitzchok to be both functional and exceptional. With a clean user experience, intuitive layout, and flawless functionality, this website continues to help drive their mission to the community.

Users often comment to the school’s administration about how easy it is to make donations (see for yourself with a $10 donation).

If you have ever gone to the website of an organization to make a donation and left exasperated (often never making the intended donation), you can appreciate how easy it is to make a donation on this website. And this ease is the same whether you are using your phone, tablet, or computer.
Siach Yitzchok Homepage

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