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Mikkomi offers ecommerce website solutions for businesses (get an estimate for ecommerce). An ecommerce website can help you take some of your products online and expand your reach, or simply allow you to take payment for your goods and services via a website.

Building an eCommerce Website

Selling items online requires a proper ecommerce store. You have a choice of many, many different software packages for your online ecommerce store. And each software package has many, many settings that can change how it operates significantly.

Hiring an eCommerce Developer

This is why it is important to hire a good eCommerce developer. Experts in their field can always help explain exactly what is going on and what is necessary to launch a successful website.

The experts at Mikkomi or our strategic partners can help you create the perfect eCommerce implementation. We know the best development team for any job and can help you quickly and easily pinpoint exactly what you need based on what you are trying to do.

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eCommerce Website

PCI Compliance and eCommerce

Many people don’t realize: When building an ecommerce website everything must be set up to be properly PCI compliant. You will need a security certificate, payment processing software, and more. Make sure that your ecommerce website provider sets each item up properly. PCI Compliance is important because lacking compliance opens your business up to millions of dollars of liabilities.

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