Software Maintenance Plan

Software Maintenance (provided by our strategic partner with years of experience in the IT field) addresses potential security vulnerabilities by keeping all software up to date. This package also includes a number of other great features like state-of-the-art SSD (solid-state drive) servers, multiple daily backups to multiple redundant locations, security scanning, premium security features, premium plugin features, and more (see all benefits).

Our clients appreciate how effortless maintaining a website is with our strategic partner’s software maintenance plans. When anything goes wrong, which is extremely rarely, get it fixed easily, usually at no extra charge please review our strategic partner’s terms and conditions to learn of the exact parameters).

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Cancel anytime. Please refer to your agreement with our strategic partner to determine how to cancel and when.

$49 / month   cancel anytime
Setup fee may apply (for non-Mikkomi sites)

Benefits of Software Maintenance

  • Multiple Daily Backups

    We keep multiple daily backups of your website in multiple locations around the world. If you are updating your website a lot, we can turn on incremental backups at no extra charge.

  • State of the Art SSDs

    Our strategic partner maintains super-fast servers using state of the art SSDs – solid state drives to store your data, so the data travels out from the data center even faster.

  • Easy Troubleshooting

    With most tech support lines, you need to get on the phone or send in an email and go back and forth until everything is resolved. With our software maintenance, if anything does go wrong, just let us know and we’ll address it as quickly as possible, leaving you free to take care of your other responsibilities.

  • Security Scanning

    Be proactive to avoid learning about malware months too late. Daily security scans, checking your website for malware and known vulnerabilities, as well as checking your website to verify it isn’t blacklisted. EXTRA! Premium features in your security setup on your website.

  • Lightly Loaded FAST Servers

    Our servers are state of the art with more than enough resources for the load. We are constantly working on our servers with our sysadmins to make your website even faster.

  • Software & Theme Updates

    We update your theme and software automatically, taking care of any issues with any updates as they arise. Applying the latest security patches and new releases is important to close off vulnerabilities.

Learn to Relax

Your website will be under control. Have fun, spend some time with your family – or get more done.

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